Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Which brush do you most commonly use?

hi there,  I've decided to get in on the act and start blogging.
Ever since joining various Oldhammer groups it has been actively encouraged and I'm hoping to soon see why......anyway back into my first posting.........brushes!

I paint toy soldiers, ones about an inch high or so, and have done since I was 10 when I first was introduced to this hobby. I do it to relax and used to do it because it was part of the wargaming hobby and everyone preferred to play with painted figures rather than the shiny (or dull) metal state that they came in.

I painted and wargamed throughout secondary school only stopping for the inevitable beer and women that suddenly became more important, oh and that 'real life and responsibility' thing too.

I picked up the hobby again in my twenties and started to get good at painting and won quite a few competitions along the way and even bagged a job painting for a small company for a while. Real life stepped in again and it wasn't until my mid thirties that I came back again. I was bitten by the Oldhammer bug, the nostalgia , the soft metal miniatures, the brightly coloured illustrations and the relative absence of skulls or spikes on everything.

I started to get a small collection of old models via eBay and things started to snowball once I joined a trading page on Facebook.
All kind of metal started rolling in via the post end and my wife's eyebrows repositioned themselves slowly and a mental note was made, to be brought up in future arguments, but I digress.

I was desperate to start slapping paint on, when it hit me that I needed a new type of brush. The thing was, these models were covered in 20-30 year old paint, often daubed on in a  gloopy consistency.  My new brush was going to have to be a toothbrush, that's right I had to get scrubbing!

So right here is my weapon of choice. A trusty firm wilkinsons toothbrush and some figures  bathing in some oven cleaner.  These were an eBay steal that would have looked good to a 13 year old me but now just don't cut the mustard it has been solidly used on upwards of a hundred figures so far....so definitely my most used brush this year.


I'm guessing these are common tools for any Oldhammer fanatic . However I was never prepared for how much scrubbing was involved or just how far little flecks of paint could fly when being vigorously scrubbed from said model.


  1. Nice to see a new blog appear, Stuart. Hope to see it develop nicely with some great paintjobs (have been impressed with what I've seen on fb).

  2. Yeah I liked the story about the old hammer game you played with the hardcore win-at-all-cost guy. Looking forward to seeing your painting.

  3. That is my exact toothbrush! Can I have it back please?

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