Saturday, 18 June 2016

a tale of four...six...eight...erm, several gamers.......i've lost count now!

many moons ago, back when white dwarfs were under the £2 mark, the grass was green and snickers were called marathons there was a series called "a tale of four gamers"

for those not around at the time or late to this party it was a group of mates who decided each to collect an army and update it each month with the aim of completing them at the same time and getting a few games in too.

Anyone worth their salt in this oldhammer community usually has a small mountain of unpainted lead. Its often true that we spend more time stripping paint than applying it to our toy soldiers these days.

Disposable income + adult responsibilities divided by limited hobby time = a big pile of lead !

So, after taking stock of the fact i have a large unpainted wood elf army, an almost painted bretonnian army, an upainted eldar army and significant number of spacemarines and rogue trader orks....and that these were all higher up in the painting queue than the realm of chaos army i originally wanted to collect. I therefore put out feelers within our little community whether anyone would be up for the challenge of turning their lead mountain into a mountain of painted warriors, month by month.

Surprisingly there were a few brave souls with the same problem and we all thought best to club together and support each other during this scary and difficult time. Best to deal with the pain in a collective way and draw strength from larger numbers....the skaven way.......err should i get some of them now......hmmmm!

The aim of the group is to get a large chunk of our unpainted metal into a usuable army. We're shooting for a 2000 point force or so and with a target of 1 unit of warriors per month.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here are the band of brothers stepping up to the plate along with a brief idea of the unpainted predicament they are in!

Frederick J Rose :I'm from the Midwest of the USA. I've been painting, gaming and collecting off and on for 35 years. About 13 years ago I sold half my painted collection to help finance a move, however I kept a sizable force and continue to collect heavily with an eye towards rebuilding said armies even grander than before. This is my Orcs and Goblins army. The photo is far from all of them but it's a size able chunk. 300-400 mostly metal models from '87-mid '90s

Bodie FosterHi everyone, I am doing Brett's
I have a small selection and as the painting goes I will be hoping to acquire some more so if you have or know of some please let me know. 
Here is my starting force.

Michael Schczyk: I'm from Germany and after having stopped gaming roughly ten years ago I always felt the itch to tackle another army. I´m a bit hardheaded these days when it comes to the overall look I expect from an army and want somethimg that looks symmetrical and regimental as a whole. So out come the roughly 70 nightmare legion skelingtons I amassed over the years.

Ross Whitehorn: a fellow southerner form the UK with an unloved horde of undeath that needs breathing new life into.

Adam Aurelian Rush : the rogue 40k player....(they're all accepted here!) aiming to get his marines into a presentable shape for inspection by the emperor.

Mick ClarkHere they are then, in total I think I've got about 3000+pts, there are still some regiments I want to get, but they'll have to wait till the cash flow improves
I'll also be replacing all pikes with brass rod, the test run on the Alcatani guy went farely well, and I think I settled on around 90mm for the finished pikes
I think my first regiment will be Midas and the Paychest as he's been looking like this for quite some time now

Jerome Franklin-Ryan : I live in Hastings East Sussex UK. Been collecting since 1992. This is my project, (amongst others) My Skaven Army. This will be my 6th army when it is painted. Of my other five, three (Empire,Wood Elves and Dwarves) are 'complete' though I will add to them from time to time. I am just topping up units in the 4th (Dark Elves) and the 5th (Orcs and Goblins) is about 3/4 done. obviously for this project I wont be painting all of them but it will get me started!

Niki Oliver : I'm from Durham, UK. Here's my pile, collected these wood elves as they are the first army I used as a child visiting games workshop some 20 years ago. Ahhh memories

Thomas Riley I'm doing chaos! My idea is based around the Chaos hordes in Moorcock's Elric stories. Throngs of dehumanized shapes and twisted warriors reaping and maiming on the doomed humans of the Young Kingdoms

Stuart Harrison : myself! I'm from South London, UK and have some citadel and marauder chaos that needs paint badly. A true mish-mash of chaosy randomness and some tasty greater daemons that will probably never see a game!

Pope Forbes Den Ustabile :Names Tristan, I'm in Bath UK. My dwarf army is my largest as its the one I started on at age 13 (20 years ago lol) couse Dwarves are awesome!

Peter Rodway : hailing from Brighton, England and with a whole bunch of shiny marauder chaos

if you're reading this, well make some tea and start painting!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

getting some games in...and inspiring the next generation

So its been a while and i have since acquired a shed load (well, maybe drawer full) of new old miniatures.

The age old problem of new shiny things syndrome led to the surprise purchase of a starter bretonnian  army at the end of april. (yes it was a surprise to my bank account too)

This spurred me into a flurry of activity with the brush and of course made me forget about this blog.....whoops!

However it did have the eventual knock on effect of having some painted figures to play a wargame with. Now, not being sure i could explain 3rd edition fantasy battle to an over excited 9 year old, i thought what was the best child friendly solution out there........Age of Sigmar of course!  Read into that what you will, but it really is a good little way to get yourself and a less experienced gamer pushing some toy soldiers around a table.

Chaos versus Bretonnia it was then.  Getting out my trusty felt cloth and turning the dining table into a lush field of impending bloodshed.

The rules were skimmed over and data cards downloaded onto my mobile phone for quick reference. The models were lined up across the battle field and then we both went for it.

The experience lasted all of about 45 minutes and this included a break to sacrifice a few biscuits to the tea god and pick up the models that were knocked off the table in the excitement of the battle.

the Chaos battle line ready to cut down some manling

the valliant defenders of Bretonnia prepare for the onslaught

 battle commences, halberds come crashing down on goats, whilst horns gore through flimsy chainmail.

and this was the last picture before they all legged it home.

Im pretty sure that my son enjoyed the game with me ask he asked me shortly afterwards when we would be doing it again. I enjoyed it immensely as rather than sit in a carry case the models were actually out and being played with. It gave me a good feeling to be playing again, after all this is how i got started in the first pace.  I honestly believe that playing with painted figures enhances the game no end, but the most important is actually giving it a go. I think i just might have planted the seed in his imigination.......

hopefully in the next instalment i will have completed the bretonnians, at counting i have 12 knights to paint and 8 spearment to touch up and a handful of characters.  Maybe then i'll start to introduce some 3rd edition and see how we go.