Saturday, 9 July 2016

A change is as good as a rest

Hi everyone,  this time i'm going to update you on something we all know too well........getting sidetracked.

if you can remember my last posting,  myself and a few colleagues were getting together to paint our lead mountain and turn it into a painted army.......well  this is about as far as i had got:

i was struggling with my unit of chaos thugs. To put it mildly lots was going on at the time that was distracting me from painting;  the football was on, we had just voted to leave europe, work was challenging.....and my kids were playing up......not condusive to a relaxing evening of painting!

I was flinking through some old white dwarfs for inspiration and came accross these chaps. They were ironically the first two citadel miniatures i ever purchsed back in what must have been spring 1991.

i think they cost me £1.50 for the pack of two models at the time.  Well anyway i began the challenge to see if i could get a copy of each and lo an behold someone popped up on the oldhammer trading page (on facebook) and sold them to me for a very reasonable price.  Very soon they were looking like this and the memories were coming back

the truth is i wanted something fun to paint that was not too tricky or fiddly. I like the good old one piece metals and they easily fit into my relaxed way of painting. 

First and foremost miniatures should be fun. Whether you game or paint (or are lucky enough to do both) it is your leisure time and it should not be work to you. I have the golden rule that: if i am painting a single figure it should not take me more than 2 evenings to finish. It should also not be painted with anything smaller than a GW small base brush.  The reason behind this is simple:  it stops me getting sucked into micro details and losing motivation.
At the end of a very short evening one they looked like this:

pretty much all neat and blocked in. Shading and highlight would be next.

oh and he needed a shield too.  So at the end of the two evenings this chap was looking all dandy like this:

i finally felt good and re-energised to have another crack at those thugs. It really goes to show that the old saying 'a change is as good as a rest' can really i have a vermin lord to show off!

oh and just in case you thought i was done......heres a bonus space marine on tiger for reading this far!

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  1. Love the old Skaven especially the painted pattern on the shield. You can't just slip in a space marine on a tiger like that with no explanation ...who? What? Why? :)