Thursday, 8 September 2016

small but perfectly formed

okay, so this post comes two months after the last one......must remember to do this more regularly.

previously in about June time a group of us got together to try an paint some armies like the old days. Sadly the old days were back in the past and real life adult duties like work, family, holidays and children got in the way.........and so did having a beer down the pub too!

The best laid plans ....(wasnt that the title of an old battle report?) ......were very well well  laid down that we couldnt stand them back up and get them moving in the right direction!  As a result I had a 'pfftttt' moment and bought some space marines on ebay.

now these space marines......they were something else. they were simple fun miniatures that could be painted quickly to a good effect.  So I got painting them.

soon these ten marines became twenty and I was thinking 'i could make an army here'

So as it stood i had twenty beaky marines painted and a family holiday to go on. Plus i had some spare cash. As it turned out my holiday was all inclusive i had nothing really to spend it on i decided to get some more marines!

Well, waiting at home for me after my holiday were some new toys and a massive bottle of dettol. 

Things were on a roll........i was enjoying my hobby again and preparing for when the kids would go back to school and i would get some evening time free again.

knowing that i still had limited hobby time  i decided to paint a warm up figure:

You see i like to break things up every now and then and paint something different. There is nothing worse than slogging on for weeks on a project and getting disheartened and eventually giving up. I have the most fun painting things that interest me.
It turned out that despite not liking painting horses some people on the internet thought i did a good job. result!

anyway back to the marines.....this one is being hunted by a bottle of ketchup (just think Indiana Jones)!
  another ten marines were finished this very evening to bring the total to thirty  and giving me 750 points worth of models and the back bone of my army.  Say hi to the new guys below everyone.

everyone has a name....this is rogue trader after all 

and in case you wanted to see what my painting set up looks like.....feast your eyes!

So to bring to conclusion my very rambley post;

The army project seems to be back on track. I have completed my unit for July, August and September now and i'm not finding it too demanding or restrictive.  It turns out the empire knight showed me that i can still turn out a single miniature quickly (it was done over two evenings) and i can enjoy the more creative side too. I have a metal devastator squad lined up soon alongside a rhino and dreadnought possibly as the task for next month...who knows?

Oh and an almost last remember the  space marine tiger from the last post? it was what some people call a palette breaker, something to change up the flow ( i had been painting a bazillion bretonnians after all!)  Give it a try every once in a while, surprise yourself!

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